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Interview With The Architect

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Why did you start TriVek Architects? and Why Wellness?

I started TriVek architects to have autonomy over my career. I wanted to focus on growing my research on creating spaces that promote wellness and health in a time and age where these are pressing issues. I spent my childhood and youth years traveling over the world and became aware of how the environment, climate, architecture, and how buildings are built can affect our physical and mental health. Suffering health issues myself made me devote myself to this aspect of architecture.

What were the challenges in starting TriVek architects?

The main challenge was starting only a few months before the Pandemic; like everyone else, I had a list of tasks involved in going out and about, connecting with prospective clients, and meeting people. I could network through Zoom and meet incredible people; even better, I didn't have to worry about commuting and parking. I still wish I can go out and meet people as we used to be. But I'll not let this stop my business growth.

Where do you see TriVek architects in ten years?

I see TriVeK architects as a leading firm in designing mixed-use buildings, dormitory buildings, small medical facilities, senior living, affordable housing, and 55+.

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