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Manila Envelopes

Last year when I was getting ready to submit my first bid, my "Request for qualifications" response, I was faced with a problem. My 100-page proposal didn't fit in my standard manila envelope. I went to Staples a couple of times to find larger envelopes, maybe 9x12, and the teenage employee, with long colorful braids, kept showing me Manila file folders. Who would have thought finding the right envelope would be such a struggle! I bought more standard envelopes. Eventually, I stapled a couple of them together as I didn't have time to search for the right size and meet my deadline.

I asked my dear EntreArchitects friends, and they assured me that such an envelope exists. So I took the time to search for it; I might have ordered some online and even bought some more from Staples, and I did find it without the help of my new acquaintance teenage Staples employee with beautiful colorful braids.

Problem solved, right?!

Not really; this year, while preparing my first proposal of the year, I was determined to be prepared. After picking up my daughter from school, I went to Staples to get the memory stick they requested for the RFQ and more Manila envelopes. My eyes came across the 9x12 Manila envelopes, and I was so excited I picked them up immediately. I came home feeling pretty prepared and started printing my four packages of 60-pages each. The instructions called for putting each package in one envelope and then all packages in one big envelope. I felt like, Yes, I can do this! I went to my stationary cabinet, and I found three packages of large envelopes! I panicked; where are all the standard size envelopes I bought from my Teenage Staples friend. Finally, I found a package with just four standard envelopes. That's exactly how much I needed!

Why do we focus on what we think we don't have even after accumulating an abundance of it. Why do wealthy people keep feeling poor even after having what they need? How do you make an inventory check to ensure you have a reasonable balance of standard Manila envelopes and the larger ones? For years I felt I struggled with having the courage to face my fears. But, what if I have that courage. What if I have an abundance of courage.

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