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At Trivek architects, we can customize the services to fit your project's specific needs. You can request these services together or separately. 

1- Feasibility Studies and Research

  • Write a defined scope of work for the project.

  • Clarify project goals and design issues to ensure that the project reflects the owner's vision and provide a systematic basis for design decision making.

  • Research on Zoning and municipal requirements and restrictions for your use. Like APN maps, setbacks, height restrictions, design criteria, etc.

  • Discuss design possibilities.

  • Establish a budget based on the scope of work and the general design concept.

  • Prepare a preliminary project Pro-forma.

  • LEED accreditation preliminary research if required.

2- Pre-Design Services
  • Conduct code research, municipality requirements, and restrictions. This path includes going to the municipal office to discuss the project's specific design ideas with staff members to confirm that ideas could gain approval from the municipality.

  • Examine and record the existing conditions of the property or structure, if any.

  • Come-up with a building program and rough square foot areas for each space. 

  • Engaging consultants necessary topographic surveys, soil reports, geotechnical reports, grading, and drainage if required. 

3- Schematic Design
  • Create preliminary design proposals in a drawing format or model. 

  • Design spaces adjacencies, building vertical and horizontal circulation.

  • Test and allocate the most pleasant views.

  • Search for passive methods for heating, cooling, and natural lighting.

  • Help the client pick the most appropriate and most feasible design proposal.

4- Design Development
  •  Create floor plan drawings, sections, and elevations. 

  • Coordinate with structural engineers, electrical engineers, HVAC, and so if necessary. 

  • Check with authorities to make sure approvals can be obtained easily.

  • Engage a contractor or help to find a suitable contractor for the project. 

5- Construction Documents
  • Create a detailed set of drawings with dimensions; these include floor plans, sections, exterior elevations, and interior elevations showing materials. 

  • Submit construction drawings to building departments for review and approval.

  • Revise drawings requested by the local municipality.

  • Coordinate with the consultant to finalize the drawings set. 

6- Bidding 
  • We help the client to send the construction documents set to the client and review the bids for compliance with construction drawings. 

7- Construction Administration
  • Observe the work progress on the job site and check for compliance with the design intent and construction documents.

  • Help the client with processing the payments.

8- Other Services
  • Site Plan Design: This includes designing a landscape in correspondence with the building's design.

  • Interior Design: Designing or selecting permanent interior design features such as an accent wall, ceiling features, built-in cabinetry.

  • Custom Art Work: Design and create artwork like a mural, decal, or garden walls

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