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Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa Movie In Hindi Download 720p Hd

Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa movie

Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa is a Bollywood comedy film directed by Chandrakant Singh, and produced by Surendra Bhatia and Rajan Prakash. The film stars Rajpal Yadav, Neha Dhupia, Aashish Chaudhary and Amrita Arora in lead roles. It was released on 1 February 2008 and received a generally negative response upon release.

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Plot summary

The story revolves around Santosh (Rajpal Yadav) who is married to much taller, Kota-based Shanti (Neha Dhupia). He is employed with Oracle Bank as a Cashier, and is friendly with the Manager, Prem (Aashish Chaudhary) who has also recently married Khushi (Amrita Arora). Santosh is generally misunderstood, gets upset easily - especially when Shanti accuses him of taking some wedding gifts as dowry, and blames the Khuranas for his plight. He envies other men and fantasizes about being married to an understanding wife. While Prem does not talk much about his marriage, but his relationship is not harmonious either - as Khushi is very jealous, possessive, and insecure. Things get only worse after Santosh starts to fantasize about Khushi; Shanti prepares to leave him after finding out he is having an affair with his colleague, Shivani; and the police arrest him for molesting a bar dancer.

Cast and crew




Chandrakant Singh


Chandrakant Singh, Hossain Mohammad Salim, M. Salim

Shanti S. Singh

Neha Dhupia


Amrita Arora

Vishwas Khurana

Anupam Kher

Shraddha V. Khurana

Rati Agnihotri

Santosh Singh

Rajpal Yadav


Aashish Chaudhary


  • Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama - Adnan Sami

  • Khwabo Se Nikal Ke - Alisha Chinai

  • Dekha Tujhe Sau Martaba - K.K.

  • Lajja Lajja - Khushboo Jain

  • Yeh Faasle - Adnan Sami

Reviews and ratings

The film received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was criticized for its poor script, direction, acting, and humor. It was also a box office flop, grossing only $521,137 worldwide.

The film has a rating of 4.0 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 283 user ratings. Some of the user reviews are:

"This movie is so bad that it makes you laugh at how bad it is. The jokes are lame, the acting is pathetic, the story is nonsensical. The only reason to watch this movie is to see how low Bollywood can go."

"I watched this movie with my friends and we had a blast laughing at it. It is so stupid that it becomes funny. Rajpal Yadav is hilarious as always and Neha Dhupia looks hot. The rest of the cast is forgettable. Watch it if you have nothing else to do."

"One of the worst movies I have ever seen. It is a waste of time and money. The director should be banned from making movies. The actors should be ashamed of themselves. The music is annoying. The comedy is vulgar. The plot is ridiculous. Avoid this movie at all costs."

For more information, you can visit the Wikipedia page or the IMDb page of the film.


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